We care about our community. Join us & make a difference!

Legacy Group has enjoyed over 20 years of growth and success in Western WA.

We take great pride in being based here. 

A big part of our company's culture is to give back to the community

that has treated us so well. 


We support nonprofits that spark generosity, kindness, compassion, community, and empathy.


How do we give back?



We proudly support nonprofits every quarter with our "snack jar competition"!

We compete against each other to see who can donate the most when they take an apple, cookie, or snack from our kitchen.

The winning team picks a local nonprofit, and the leadership team matches the dollar amount.

We also find new homes for gently used furniture pieces and extra flooring materials that clients no longer need.

We reach out to see who could use something in their organization or who might need a flooring refresh! We coordinate delivery or pick up and place these items in an environment to get a second life. 

Annual Day of Service is when we choose a volunteer project, and our team gets to go out into the community, roll up their sleeves and make a difference. It is our FAVORITE day of the year!

These are just a few of the fantastic people who inspire us in our community: 

Humble Design 




Food Lifeline


The Sophia Way




Mary's Place


Teens In Public Service


Vision House


Navos-Seattle Children's Home











We wanted to do something to remind ourselves and others of the impact that he had on us all. Arthur had a thirst for knowledge, was always interested in learning about others and he genuinely cared for those less fortunate. He was charismatic and his infectious smile was contagious. We all miss Arthur dearly and we’ll always carry his spirit with us. To honor Arthur’s legacy, we have created the Arthur Sawe Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship will be at Arthur’s alma mater, Washington State University, and will go to a prospective or current student who:


• Is in good academic standing

• Is actively involved in civic and/or charitable causes

• Has demonstrated a financial need






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