To be the best at providing our customers with beautiful and functional commercial interiors based on their design, performance, and budget expectations.




The paths that John Finch and his partner Lou Lanthier traveled to reach this destination are somewhat atypical. Finch got his start not in installing carpet but in removing it. Finch was a Firefighter and was looking to make some extra income. John had a pickup truck and came up with a hauling business on the side. Finch's new venture took off, and he began transporting used carpet, then removing it.  In 1995, he developed a Hydraulic Lift System to raise cubicles so that carpet replacement would no longer cause disruption. "That's when things started taking off," recalls Finch.

Around the same time, the commercial flooring operation that Lou Lanthier was a partner in Denver, Colorado, and Kansas City, MO, called Kahn and Company, was purchased by Shaw as part of its Spectra program.  Part of the purchase agreement meant Lou moving his family to Washington and running Spectra's Seattle office.

In December 1999, Legacy Group was born.  Lou and an old college roommate started a computer and technical furniture company and hired John as their first associate.  Shortly after that came the dot-com crash; Lou and John decided to leverage their shared strengths.  John had a background in commercial flooring and furniture moving.  Lou also had experience in the commercial flooring industry, so they went back to what they knew and began building a service organization that primarily catered to furniture and flooring dealers.

Over time the company has grown and developed a reputation for handling technical projects, including occupied office carpet replacement done overnight.  Eventually, clients wanted to work directly with Legacy Group, and a full range of carpet, flooring products, and office furniture were added to the product offering. Legacy Group has added trucks, cross-trained crews, taught them how to disconnect and reconnect computers, saving clients time, money, and frustration. Legacy Group has successfully performed this service for a large software developer in Redmond, WA, Starbucks, T-Mobile, FAA, Multiple Law Firms, and various other companies over the last 20 years in over 150,000 offices. Today the company staffs 60+ associates has a fleet of vehicles at headquarters and a fabulous showroom in downtown Seattle.





We are customer-focused – big enough to handle any size project and small enough to care. As our customers grow, so do we. We are vigilant about profitable growth, giving back to our community, and being a workplace, our associates enjoy coming to each day. Our focus is to be the most responsive service-oriented company in our industry. We have built an incredible company, and we are proud of our associates who work diligently with a sense of ownership of our success. We believe in shining a light on our team to help them grow as individuals, along with us. We also have a lot of fun along the way. We are more than a company. To work at Legacy Group means being a part of a family.


“Leadership is not pushing aside others to be center stage. Leadership is often stepping aside and letting others shine.” – John Finch -President of Legacy Group, Inc.

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